Below are some of the PJ’s I use in class. Please cite this webpage as reference in case you want to use it elsewhere.

  • Why did Hitler consume fruits as whole instead of mashing them in a blender? Ans: He doesn’t like juice (Jews)

  • In which Indian city, no outdoor activity gets affected because of rain? Ans: Indore (Indoor)

  • Why does the bride sit to the right in Indian marriages and other functions? Ans: In India, we follow keep to the left. (Keep is used to refer to concubine)

  • Which Numerical Method do Keralites/Malayalis love and use the most? Ans: Runge Kutta. (Kutta in Malayalam is used to refer to a boy though sometimes it is also used affectionately elder males as well)

  • Find the connection between a person working at a particle accelerator and one taking part in Tour de France. Ans: Cyclotron (In Tamil, cyclotron = cycle + otran; otran in Tamil means one is riding/driving. Hence, cycle otran means one is riding a cycle).