Numerical Linear Algebra, July-Nov 2023

Credits 9 credits

Instructor Sivaram Ambikasaran,

Classroom NAC \(504\)

Timings D slot; M: 11AM, T: 10AM, W: 9AM, Th: 12PM

Mailing list

You can find on google groups when you login via smail. Search for "2023_nla" or "". Click on it and request to be added to the group.

Exams and Grading

Evaluation Points Date
Assignments 20 Every fortnight
Midsem 30 September end
EndSem 50 November 22nd

Assignments and Reading materials

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Short Syllabus

Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra; Floating point arithmetic; Conditioning of a problem; Forward and backward stability of algorithms; Algorithmic complexity; Matrix decompostions: LU, Cholesky, QR, Eigendecomposition, SVD; direct and iterative techniques.