Numerical Analysis, Jan-May 2023

Credits 9 credits

Instructor Sivaram Ambikasaran,

Classroom NAC \(504\)

Timings E slot; T: 11AM, W: 10AM, Th: 8AM, F: 5PM

Mailing list

You can find on google groups when you login via smail. Search for "2023_na" or "". Click on it and request to be added to the group.

Exams and Grading

Evaluation Points Date
Assignments 20 Every fortnight
Midsem 30 March 3rd
EndSem 50 May 11th

Assignments and Reading materials

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Norms of vectors and matrices, Linear systems: direct and iterative schemes, Ill conditioning and convergence analysis; Interpolation and Error, Hermite interpolation, Piecewise polynomial (Spline) interpolation, Numerical differentiation, Newton-cotes and Gaussian quadrature; Difference equations, Numerical solution of IVPs: Single step and multi-step methods: order, consistency, stability and convergence analysis, Two point boundary value problems: Shooting and finite difference methods, Eigenvalue Location, Power Method, Jacobi Method;


Reference Books: