Computer Modelling and Simulation, January-April 2019

When Q Slot; Mondays and Wednesdays 6PM to 7:15PM
Where NAC 506


Sivaram Ambikasaran,
Office hours: Fix timings via email,
Office: NAC 648

Teaching assistant

Office hours: Thursdays from 5 PM to 6 PM
Office: Research Scholar Room, NAC 623


The lecture material and the relevant code for the class is made available through GitHub


Evaluation Assignments
Points 100


There will be \(14\) assignments due weekly. Assignment will be posted on this website and will be due on Sunday by 5 PM. Late Submission will not be accepted. Each assignment will have a good share of computational exercises in Python. Students need to submit their assignments in IPython/Jupyter notebooks through the dropbox link provided. The name of the Python notebook should be as follows: ma14m003.ipynb, where ma14m003 is your roll number. We will be using JPlag to detect similarities among multiple sets of source code files. No collaboration is allowed for assignment. In case of a significant match among/between assignments, you will get a zero on the assignment.

The grader will expect you to express your ideas clearly, legibly, and completely, often requiring complete English sentences rather than merely just a long string of equations or unconnected mathematical expressions. This means you could lose points for poorly written proofs or answers. Clear exposition is a crucial ingredient of communication. Clarity of thought and presentation is more important in mathematics & sciences than any other field. The only way to master exposition is by repeated practicing.

Reading material


A very rough calendar, which will be updated as we progress through the course.
Week Monday Wednesday Homework
Jan 14 - Jan 18 Chapter 1
Jan 21 - Jan 25 Python Jupyter Notebook Tutorial Chapter 2 Assign-1; Drop Assign
Jan 28 - Feb 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Drop Assign
Feb 4 - Feb 8 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Drop Assign
Feb 11 - Feb 15 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Drop Assign
Feb 18 - Feb 22 Univariate Interpolation Chapter 6 Drop Assign
Feb 25 - Mar 1 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Drop Assign
Mar 4 - Mar 8 Drop Assign
Mar 11 - Mar 15 Drop Assignment 8
Mar 18 - Mar 22 Drop Assignment 9
Mar 25 - Mar 29
Apr 2 - Apr 6
Apr 9 - Apr 13
Apr 16 - Apr 20
Apr 23 - Apr 27